Thursday, May 28, 2020

Throwback Thursday: I Have The Power

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Two weeks ago, the fifth and final season of She Ra And The Princesses of Power premiered on Netflix. And it was awesome. Especially the series finale!

I didn't grow up with either the original He Man or She-Ra. I was born in 1987, so both shows were well before my time. As such, I don't have a deep affection for either series like most old school fans.

With that said, I absolutley love the new She-Ra. I love the story. I love the characters. I love the lore. I love the good guys. I love the bad guys. And I love how everything is just so colorful and cool and awesome. (Yes, this isn't a proffesional assessment of the series. But then again, this isn't a proffesional review, so I don't care.)

Like I said, I never watched the original She-Ra, but having seen bits and pieces of it here and there, as biased as this may sound, the new show seems infinitely better than the old show.

The characters from the new show have more diverse and creative designs. They don't all look the same because they weren't all designed to conform to the same toy model. They all have actual character traits with character arcs that allow them to grow and mature throughout the series. They're not just colorful characters created to sell action figures.

And the story! While the original series was strictly episodic to conform to the restrictions of syndication, the new show utilizes the streaming format by offering a fleshed-out overarching narrative. The entire series has a definitive beginning, middle, and end. All of that, by default, makes the new series better than the old.

I'll have more to say about She Ra in an upcoming think piece, and why I believe the show excels where most Disney properties falter. Until then, allow me to use this Throwback Thursday to share something actually good from the old series: a music video.

To rock out to the Honor of Grayskull, click READ MORE:

This music video features the song, I Have The Power. It was an original song for the movie, Secret of the Sword, which introduced the character She Ra and helped launch her spin-off television series.

I really love how this song exuberates pure 80s nostalgia. I especially love the airy tones played by the electronic keyboard. Like most good 80s music--or even not so good 80s music--it really elevates you to another plane of being for a real transcendental experience.

The only gripe I have with the song is that it's sung by both He Man and She-Ra. This wouldn't normally be a problem--after all, the song is about their movie!--but the lyrics really make the song sound like it's being sung as a romantic duet by two lovers. He Man and She-Ra are siblings. So it carries iffy implications.

Otherwise, it's a most triumphant song and music video, despite being transparent corporate marketing. Then again, most 80s properties are great despite being transparent corporate marketing!

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