Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tangled Recap: Not In The Mood

Stop me if you've heard this before: a bunch of characters have their personalities switched...yeah, you've heard this before. It's one of those personality/body swapping episodes. Not much else to see or explain here.

And honestly, I'm not even sure what the lesson is. You need to be self-aware of your flaws? Don't fight with people? Oh, I know: don't spike your friends' drink.

Yeah, I wish there was more I can say about this episode, but if you've seen one episode like this, you've seen them all.

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Ah, in media res: a good way to start off a story that would otherwise be boring.

King: By cementing this trade, we secure peace between our two nations. By allowing it to dissolve, we risk sending the seven kingdoms on a path to war.

Gee, a leader that actually acknowledges the value of free trade over protectionism? Nice to know fictional leaders have more political sense than real life politicians...especially certain politicians of the angry orange variety.

Nigel: But how do we know if the Griffin will accept. He's notoriously insecure and he has been known to walk away from the table at the slightest offense.

Now THAT certainly sounds like a politician of the angry orange variety. If social media existed in Corona, I'm sure he'd also be infamous for throwing temper tantrums on Twitter.

Cass: I don't think you will win over the Griffin with smaltsy speeches about puppies and rainbows.

Rapunzel: I didn't say anything about puppies. The rainbow was a metaphor.

Say what you want about her speech, but at least she's not giving an angry diatribe about how China sucks and how her political rival makes her "sad." (Okay, I think that's enough Trump jokes for this review.)

Some girls collect stamps and flowers. Cass is the cool girl that collects halberds.

Flynn: "Let's get this party started!" And I'll hold it for that long.

Pity that this is a time before electricity and stereo systems. His intro could have used a Jock Jams mix.

Give her credit. At least she wants to give every one of her guest a personal touch. That's more than most other politicians are willing to give.

Stan: This is their third fight this week.

Pete: They sounds like my in-laws...if I had in-laws. Boy, I wish I were married.

LOL! Funniest joke in the episode.

Looks like Flynn and Cass received their invitation for the next Super Smash Brothers.

So the only black character in this series has a "secret potion" that can alter the mood of other people? Eh, kind of iffy racial stereotyping there.

With that much potion going into it, the lemonade should have been purple. Come to think of it, purple lemonade sounds rather refreshing. It would be like pink lemonade. Then again, what makes pink lemonade pink to begin with? Lemons aren't pink.

Rapunzel: Bleh! Really not a fan of lemonade.

Nice continuity, there!

A potion that can turn irritable people into gentle spirits? Someone copy that potion and use it to spike Trump's drinks. We need it, stat! (Okay, now this will be the last Trump joke. Promise.)

Rapunzel: You can make me a sandwich to get the taste of this lemonade out of my mouth.

Oh no! Rapunzel has turned into a Men's Right Activist!

Rapunzel: Grow a spine! I'm just calling it like it is.

So now she's a MRA and an anti-SJW. Wait. Is there a difference?

Tickle fight? Okay, this Cass is officially worse than the normal Cassandra. At least her normal self respected people's personal boundaries.

Rapunzel: What is going on here? It's like the total opposite of who we are normally.

Okay, the personality-switching potion I can suspend my disbelief over, but people actually having the self-awareness to recognize their own flaws, now that is unrealistic.

Well, in fairness, it was easy to tell that you two were guilty because you were slinking quietly away with guilty looks on your faces.

Xavier: I was only helping Pascal and Maximus teach you all a personal lesson.

By giving them a magic potion to drug them with? If this is how you help them with their relationship problems, I'd shudder to think how you'd help them with dating.

Flynn: We need to take responsibility. No, wait, responsibility terrifies me.

Wait. I'm confused. Wasn't this potion supposed to REVERSE their personalities? Because that's in line with his normal personality.

Oh, I'm looking over a two leaf clover that I haven't look at before.

Cass: Welcome to the Kingdom of Corona. How tough are you?

Man: How tough am I? How tough am I? I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast...without any milk!

Aaaaaaaand he's dead. Yeah, from a hit to the head from something that heavy. He ain't waking up, ever!

He may look small, but his hands know what, I promised I wouldn't make any more Trump jokes, so I won't.

Rapunzel: I have had it with this phony banquet. We are only doing this to be nice to you, Griffin.
But you need us, we don't need you. So why don't you just suck up your pride and accept Corona's help.

I would say that this sounds like how a certain someone would address another foreign leader, but again, I promised to stop making the Trump jokes.

So the potion turned the fog purple but not the lemonade?

So if the counter-elixir reversed everyone's personality, how come the Griffin is still his irritable self?

Cass: This is all Max and Pascal's fault.

Rapunzel: No, this is our fault.

No, no. I agree with Cass. They're technically the ones who started this mess.

I'm actually surprised that they held out on the King slapping Rapunzel. Really looked like he was going to do it. Because apparently such abuse against women is not "child-friendly" but teaching children to spike their friend's drink is.

Cass: Why didn't your personality change?

Man: What personality.

No. Wait. This is the funniest joke in the episode.

Of course a tiny leader has a tiny boat. Now if only we could make a certain someone...nope, no more Trump jokes!

Great thinking, Rapunzel. Now the entire ocean will have their personalities changed.

Dun dun dun!

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