Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dateline Disney (01/21/2018)

It should go without saying that you don't need to like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Nobody's forcing you to like it. You're free to like or dislike it. However, if the reason you don't like the movie is because you feel there's too many "women" in it, to the point where you feel that the movie would be "improved" by editing out all the female characters, then at least be honest as to why you don't like it. Also, be prepared to be ridiculed by other self-respecting Star Wars fans.

In better news, Animal Kingdom has a new baby hippo, the live-action Sword in the Stone has a new director, and Disney's new streaming service has a new executive. All this and more in this week's headlines.

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The Guardian

Star Wars actors mock fan who recut film to remove women

A fan-made recut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, designed to remove women from the film, has been mocked on social media by the movie’s stars.

The film writer and critic Priscilla Page posted a link to a news report about the recut, adding a long, drawn-out laugh to her tweet: "ahhaahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahhhhhaaaahahahha"

This was picked up by Rian Johnson, the film’s writer and director, who responded in a similar fashion: "Priscilla hits all the major points here but I’ll just add hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



ABC News

Meet the adorable baby hippo born at Disney's Animal Kingdom

There's a new Nile hippopotamus on the block. Disney’s Animal Kingdom announced the arrival of a new baby hippo, born to mom Tuma on Jan. 13. In the new video from the park, the adorable baby calf swims and nuzzles up next to Tuma.

The baby calf, who has not yet been named, has been given time to bond and nurse with Tuma, according to Disney's animal care specialists, so the "gender and weight may not be known for some time." A newborn calf typically weighs between 60 and 110 pounds.

It's the first hippo born at the park in 13 years. Tuma, the 21-years-old mom who weighs in at 4,032 lbs., was chosen by animal specialists at the park to breed with Henry, a 22-year-old hippo who weighs 4,167 lbs.




Disney's Sword In The Stone Remake Has Found Its Director

Disney has so many remakes planned that a few of them have become lost in the shuffle. However, one of the remakes we haven't heard from in a while is back in the news, indicating a strong move forward. It's been years since it was announced that Disney's Sword in the Stone would receive a live-action remake, but now the project may be very close to locking in a director, specifically Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of the zombie thriller 28 Weeks Later.

Disney's original Sword in the Stone was released in 1963 and followed Arthur as a boy who becomes a pupil to Merlin and is taken on unusual adventures thanks to Merlin's magic. It was July of 2015 when it was first announced that Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman was working on a script, but we've heard essentially nothing since then, leading us to wonder whether or not this project was still an active concern. We now know that it is, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is close to signing a deal to direct the movie based on Cogman's script.




Disney Taps Former Apple Exec To Lead Its New Streaming Service

Kevin Swint, a tech executive whose past roles include heading up the movie group at Apple iTunes, has joined Disney to lead the media company’s much-ballyhooed, Netflix-rivaling streaming service, Deadline has confirmed.

A veteran exec at Samsung, Walmart and Apple, Swint will be senior VP and GM of the still-unnamed service, reporting to Michael Paull, who left Amazon for BAMTech last year.

The streaming service got a major push in 2017, as Disney CEO Bob Iger finally articulated the plans to launch first a stand-alone ESPN service this year and then a non-sports OTT in 2019. While its exact shape and strategy is still coming into focus, it will benefit from the company’s larger moves of late, gradually pulling content off Netflix and announcing a bold move to acquire most of the assets of 21st Century Fox.



Disney Video of the Week


THE LAST JEDI challenges our ideas of how a STAR WARS movie "needs" to play out - and many fans have come away feeling personally snubbed. But is the film's most controversial storyline actually showing STAR WARS' most devout followers more reverence than they've received in a long time?



  1. Good post today, Disney Dudebro! Some people are just resistant to change and I've seen it all in comment/discussion boards about people who are negative towards anything that shows diversity. They view "Diversity" as a threat or ruination of their favorite film franchises.

    I remember a lot of males not liking "Mad Max: Fury Road" because of the main female lead Furiosa and saying it was the feminist agenda ruining "their" movies. I loved that film and thought she was awesome in it as were the other female characters. And the male characters were great in it too.

    Then there were those who were upset by a black lead character in The Force Awakens" saying things like "why do they force the diversity agenda down our throats". And god forbid there are any LBGT characters in one of their favorite franchise series. That gets some folks worked up too. Personally, I like a wide variety of characters from all backgrounds in a film because it reflects the world we live in and I find it more relate-able. Especially in these large scale "event" films where there is a larger cast.

    At one time I was wary of the live-action remakes of Disney's animated classics, but I have to admit that I have enjoyed most of them as of recent. I didn't think they were fantastic, but I found them enjoyable on their own merits.

    I am really curious to see how Disney's new streaming service will play out since have also acquired the Fox Studios film library and studio.

    I have yet to see "The Last Jedi", but am looking forward to it. I just won't watch anything related to it so there are still some surprises for me when I finally see it on Blu-ray.

    Nice Dateline Disney post. Thanks again, Disney Dudebro!

    1. As I mentioned, it's okay if people have issues with these new Star Wars movies. I didn't really care for TFA or RO, and both films have their issues. I can even admit that there are some flaws with TLJ, even though I personally love that film and consider it to be the better of the new films.

      But again, as I said, if someone has a problem with these movies because they think it's unrealistic for a black person to be a stormtropper or a girl to be a Jedi, then it's pretty apparent why they don't like the movie. They just don't want to admit it.

  2. While I've stayed away from your review of TLJ, I just finished reading your criticism/review of TFA. Very interesting thoughts on the film. There were definitely some lost opportunities there with the story line development and the death of Han Solo. Do you think you'll do a post on your thoughts about RO sometime in the future? I actually liked that one better than TFA.