Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Disney Dudebro Update (01/31/2018)

It is with heavy heart that I must inform you all this this will be my very last post on this blog, as I have decided to stop blogging about Disney. I recently reached this decision after reading the following article about how adults who like Disney need to grow up. And since I’m clearly an adult Disney fan, I have decided to take that article’s advice and “grow up.”

LOL! Just kidding!

Of course I’m not going to stop blogging, especially because of some screed written by a hack writer. If you want a good laugh, I’d suggest reading the anti-Disney diatribe here. And if you want a breakdown of said diatribe, I’d recommend reading this Twitter thread here.

As for this blog, the real bad news is that most of the Disney shows that I cover are all still on hiatus and not releasing new episodes, so no episode recaps for any of them this month. The good news is that this month will see the release of the newest and most anticipated Marvel movie, Black Panther, so expect a review of that when it releases later this month.

Aside from that, expect the usual with weekly posts such as Throwback Thursday, Fan Art Friday, Dateline Disney, and my regular weekly think pieces.


  1. I thought that article by Mel Evans was funny and spot on in some instances. Not offended at all. Why would anyone take it seriously? Actually I found Poindexta's twitter thread more annoying.

    So if you decide to quit or not quit blogging about Disney, that's up to you. Otherwise, I do enjoy your posts and while I won't read your Black Panther review (I avoid spoilers when possible.) I look forward to more of what you have to share.

    1. Sure, if you interpret the piece as unintentional comedy, you can get a laugh out of it. But as a "serious" argument about why anyone over 12 shouldn't care about Disney? It really falters.

      The main problem I have is that the think piece is clearly the author trying to rationalize why she doesn't like Disney. That's fine and dandy. You don't like something? You don't like something.

      But to pass off your disinterest in something as a sign of "maturity", and insisting that anyone who does like it is "immature"? Well, to me, that's real immaturity.

      And no, of course I'm not going to stop. I just wanted to throw shade at someone for insisting that other people aren't playing grown up the right way.