Friday, January 19, 2018

Fan Art Friday: It's A Kind Of Strange Magic

This week's Fan Art Friday is going to be a little bit, um, "strange"--mostly because the source material literally has the word "strange" in the title, and it's also technically both a Disney movie and not a Disney movie.

The animated movie Strange Magic was released about three years ago by Touchstone Pictures, so while it's not an official Disney movie, it was a movie released by a studio owned by the Disney company, the same studio that released both Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Nightmare Before Christmas--and if both of those movies can be considered "Disney" movies, than there's a strong argument to be made that this movie can also be considered likewise.

Anyway, if you haven't heard about this movie, I don't necessarily blame you. It was George Lucas' attempt to release a fantasy franchise that could appeal to little girls in the same sense that Star Wars was a sci-fi franchise that appealed to little boys. (Because if the new Star Wars movies prove anything, it's that girls aren't interested in Star Wars, right?! /S)

On the one hand, this movie proved to be quite mediocre and milquetoast in its premise, and as such, bombed badly in the box office, despite the fact that there were high hopes of it becoming a franchise with multiple sequels.

On the other hand, while this movie wasn't well-received in theaters, it has since gained a cult following on-line, especially on Tumblr, and as such, has spawned several fan art. While I've never watched the movie myself, I can certainly see the appeal. So who knows. If its cult following gains enough traction, it could become a cult classic like Nightmare Before Christmas.

Anyway, to highlight this cult classic jukebox musical of a fantasy story, here's several fan art of it. To view this week's fan art showcase, click READ MORE:

Not going to lie: I do get the appeal of seeing mortal enemies becoming love interests. So it's only natural that the relationship between Marianna the Fairy Princess and Bog the Goblin King follows the trope of a good girl turning a bad boy good. The creators even said that their relationship was inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Too bad their characters and relationship was not as well-developed as Beast and Belle's.

And here's Marianna and Bog as humans. They still look adorkable together, and Bog certainly encapsulates the "bad boy" trope.

Here's Marianna and her sister, Dawn, as mermaids. I guess you can say that mermaids are somewhat the fairies of the sea, at least in the same sense that tuna is the "chicken of the sea." LOL!

Not going to lie: Sunny the Elf's infatuation with Dawn reeks of the stereotypical (if not toxic) friend zone/nice guy trope ("why doesn't she like me? I'm a nice guy. I deserve a girl like her!) But, well, you can't exactly say they don't look good together.

Okay, seeing the characters from Kim Possible roleplay in Strange Magic does look cute. So if Shego and Draken are Marianna and Bog respectively, and Kim here is Dawn, I guess that makes Ron Sunny? LOL!

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