Friday, January 26, 2018

Fan Art Friday: Once Upon A Dream

Nearly 50 years ago, Sleeping Beauty made its theatrical debut on January 29, 1959. And, eh, well, to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the film. For one, it's a movie that I never grew up watching as a kid, so I don't really have a nostalgic attachment to it that I do to other Disney princess movies like Cinderella or Snow White.

Speaking of which, out of the three original Disney princesses--out of all the Disney princesses, honestly!--Princess Aurora is by far the blandest. There's not much about her character other than she's pretty and, well, that's about it. She's beautiful and nothing else!

As much as the original three Disney princesses were never really "feminist" role models, they at least had other admirable qualities about them. Snow White was a caring individual who put the needs of others before herself, and Cinderella was a hard worker who remained confident and patient even in spite of her station in life. But Aurora? She longs to be carried away by a handsome prince. That's about it!

If there is one redeeming factor with the movie, it's most certainly the villain, Maleficent. She's by far one of the best Disney villains of all times. Of course, what else would you expect from "The Mistress of all Evil"? And her big dragon transformation scene in the end where she fights Prince Phillp--only to lose, of course!--is the best scene in the movie. (Too bad the live-action remake ruined her character!)

But the very least that you can say about the movie was that it's beautiful to look at, and it's gorgeous artwork has only inspired equally gorgeous fan art. So to celebrate the movie's anniversary, here's a few for this week's showcase:

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As a fan of Steven Universe, I'm obviously not the only fan to notice the similarities between the three Crystal Gems and the three Good Fairies, as they serve as the godmother figures of their respective protagonists. Also, their personalities somewhat match each others.

This is part of a series of Disney Star Wars fan art. Seems apropos for Aurora to be placed in carbonite, as it's almost like being placed under a sleeping spell, though I think it will take much more than true love's kiss to free her.

This is also part of a series of Twisted Disney fan art. Almost reminds me of those Hot Topic style re-designs of Disney Characters that you find nowadays in the mall or flea markets. I have to say that this particular re-design makes her more interesting as a character.

As I said before, Maleficent is the most interesting part of the entire story. Though finding appropriate fan art of her was somewhat difficult, as most of her fan art is either of her live-action version or it's, um, more "sensual"--and I try to keep these posts PG. So here's her re-imagined as more of a warrior. There's also another pic of a re-imagined backstory, but it's really bloody, and again, I try to keep things PG here.

Now this is a showdown that I would most like to see. Wonder if Death Battle would be interested in doing something like this. Though I'd wager a guess that Maleficent would win. Unlike Elsa, she's actually well-trained in her magic. Also, dragon fire melts ice!

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