Friday, January 12, 2018

Fan Art Friday: Wind In My Hair

Tangled: The Series is fast approaching its season finale for its first season. And what a first season it has been! You can almost say that things have become quite...Tangled! What does the second season have in store for our golden-haired princess? What new adventures will she and her friends go on in future episodes? We can only wait and see. Until then, here's some Tangled fan art:

Going to be perfectly honest here: not a big fan of Cassandra. She looks cool, tho!

What Disney movie isn't improved by substituting the main character with Grumpy Cat?

Star and Marco make for an epic Rapunzel and Flynn cosplay. (Pony Head works as Maxamillion, too!)

Kingdom Hearts 3, why you no come out yet?! We want to play around in the Tangled world!

And of course, obligatory MLP fan art is obligatory. Yet still adorable!

You know, it's my personal head canon that Hiro is the descendent of Varian. That does seem plausible considering that Hiro is half-Asian, which means that Varian could be from his half-white half.

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