Thursday, February 8, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Disney Channel Quackertown


Last week, we showcased a classic Disney Channel show about Donald Duck. This week, we’re showcasing yet more Disney Channel nostalgia concerning Donald Duck. How original, right?!

During the early 1990s, aside from appearing in his own show, Quack Attack, Donald Duck also appeared on the Disney Channel in-between shows in a series of unique bumpers that were a world in and of themselves—a world run entirely by the duck himself.

And yes, it’s as quackin’ crazy as it sounds!

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From 1991 to 1997, Disney Channel ran a series of bumpers called Quackertown that ran in between the scheduled programming.

These bumpers were all animated through Claymation and, as it name implies, was set within the fictional seaside town of Quackertown, where Donald Duck not only lived, but served as mayor.

Throughout these bumpers, Donald would find himself in many misadventures ranging from nearly getting run over by a train to reeling in an entire pirate ship while fishing.

While Donald himself was the star of these shorts, he never really showed his face within them, as they were also shot from his first-person perspective.


I was always enamored by these bumpers when I was a kid, as they almost appeared like a model train set and diorama that had been created by Disney itself and brought to life.

Also, despite being called Quackertown, the town featured Easter eggs of many other Disney characters, including statues of Goofy and the Seven Dwarfs.

Furthermore, providing the narration for these bumpers was the late Christine Cavanaugh, a famous voice actress who also provided the voice of Gosalyn Mallard from Darkwing Duck.

Interestingly enough, Darkwing Duck premiered the exact same year as these bumpers in 1991. I guess Miss Cavanaugh had her hands full that year, as she not only voiced in these two things, but also as Chuckie Finster in Nickelodeon’s Rugrats.

Check out these bumpers in the following video montage:

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