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Ducktales Recap: Beware The B.U.D.D.Y. System

Gizmo Duck is by far one of the best Ducktales characters. Not only does he have a super cool robotic suit that can do anything and everything, but he's one of the few characters to make a simultaneous appearance in another Disney Afternoon show, Darkwing Duck, thus offering a not-so-subtle hint that the two shows share the same universe--even though the creators claim that the two shows exist in different universes.

So how apropos is it that the very first apperance of Gizmo Duck and his alter ego, Fenton Crackshell, in this reboot starts off with a cameo apperance of the "Terror Who Flaps In The Night"? Sure, it's revealed that Darkwing Duck only exists as a television show (or does he?), but this double whammy of pure nostalgia is enough to tickle any fanboy's member berries.

But is nostalgia alone enough to make a good episode? Eh...

This episode leaves me rather conflicted. On the one hand, the appearances of both Gizmo Duck and Darkwing Duck are making my inner child squeal in delight after remaining silent for more than 25 years.

On the other hand, the very first apperance of the best Ducktales character ever involves the weakest plotline ever based on the overly cliché Man vs. Machine storyline, which has not only been played out since John Henry, but carries a very problematic anti-science, anti-progress message: "New technology is evil, kids, and those machines are terking er jerbs!"

I don't know. I just feel that the appeal to nostalgia is nothing more than a distraction for an otherwise poor episode and an overall poor introduction to such a cool character. Let's just hope that future appearances of Gizmo Duck are much better.

For a scene-by-scene recap of this episode, click READ MORE:

Well here's three of the Fearsome Five, but where are the other two? Guess the creators didn't want to overdose us with too much Darkwing Duck nostalgia.

Darkwing Duck: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the lone roller skate at the base of villainy's staircase. I am Darkwing Duck.

More than 25 years since we've heard an introduction like that (outside of conventions, of course!), ands it all been worth the wait. My inner child is squealing in delight!

Don't care if this is only a show within a show. It's has been more than 25 years since we've received new Darkwing Duck content. Even a glib reference is good enough.

Of course, we already know from the first episode that Cape Canard is a real city in the Ducktales universe. So if DW's home city is real, then perhaps DW is also real. Only time will tell.

Dewey: This hero guy doesn't fly or shoot lasers or anything.

Neither does Captain America, but that doesn't stop him from being the best Avenger.

Yeah, I totally buy that Darkwing Duck's actor would want to keep the spotlight on himself and do all his own stunts.

Launchpad has his own DW bobblehead. He is such a fanboy! Wonder if he ever visa conventions?

Launchpad driving around without a drivers license until now? Yeah, that totally makes sense.

Launchpad: He's really getting my hopes up, the payoff is going to be amazing.

Said everyone leaving Infinity War…right after they popped a few Zanax.

Sound-powered train? Sounds far-fetched, until you realize there's such a thing as scream-powered roller coasters.

You know, if I didn't already know that this guy was voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda, I would have no clue who his voice actor was. I really hope we at least get a rousing musical number from him later in the series.

You'd assume that an underwater laboratory would have sturdier glasses windows, but considering this was created by Scrooge, I'm sure there was a lot of penny-pinching.

A self-driving car episode? Oh, I can tell that this subject is going to be covered with only the most subtle nuance. Not!

Obviously, the date is an Easter egg about the original series' premiere, but if his birthdate is going to be canon in real time, that means Launchpad is at least eight months younger than I am. I feel old!

"BUDDY is compatible with any vehicle, making traditional drivers a thing of the past…because machines are the new man."

Yeah, I can tell that this subject matter is being handled in the most subtle and nuanced way possible. Eye roll.

Honestly, nobody champions the downfall of obsolete human beings in favor of a superior future outside of one-dimensional cartoon villains. Or Moviebob.

A self-driving that doesn't crash? Well that clearly doesn't play into the narrative of luddites who believe that machines are evil, though it doesn't play into the narrative of people who believe machines are evil because less crashes will mean less organ donors. (I wish I weren't making that up!)

Oh goodie! A race between man and machine, because this plot line isn't as old as the tall tale of John Henry! Headdesk.

Just in case you were wondering where the horse with the statue head had run off to. Someone notify the Nostalgia Critic!

Launchpad: conspicuous :: Donald Trump: tactful


Launchpad: conspicuous :: Bernie Sanders: economically-literate

Just wanted to make sure I was an equal opportunity political offender here.

Laboratory. Lavatory. It's funny because it's a pun.

Fenton: Dr. Gearloose says this is the perfect place for my work. I'm just now realizing that remark may not have been entirely complimentary.

Ouch! The new Gearloose is savage AF!

I would say that all those sticky notes obscuring the windshield would make it less safe for Launchpad to drive, but considering this is Launchpad, he can't possibly drive any less safely.

Okay, even if Launchpad did make it across the finish line, him not being in the car would have been an automatic disqualification. He lost before he even started.

Wow! Intentionally posting your company's schematics on an online public forum? That's a more embarrassing leak than when that Apple employee accidentally left the new iPhone in a bar.

Of course, assuming if Gearloose had patented his bulb technology, that would still make Beaks stealing his designs…well, stealing!

Ludicrous mode. When light speed mode is too slow. What's the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken.

I know we're supposed to feel sorry for these two, but ones an incompetent driver and the other an incompetent intern. They deserve to be fired yesterday.

"Could I invent an element heavy even I couldn't lift it?"

That only works if the person involved is someone omnipotent like God.

I know this is supposed to feel suspenseful, but considering that the cliché man vs. machine storyline has to end with the man having a cliché winning, it's not very.

Bulby: Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.

“!Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!"

I. Am. Iron Duck.

Oh, you might want to see a doctor about that leakage coming out of your butt. That cannot be healthy.

Not if sure if he's fascinated by Gizmo Duck's assets or attracted to Gizmo Duck's…assets.

Go go Gadget copter.

Really hope Mark Beaks plans on making his own suit of armor. Then we can have Gizmo Duck face off against him like an Iron Man battle--by which I mean Iron Man 2, not Iron Man. Don't care if it's a lackluster movie. Whiplash is a better villain than Obadiah What's-His-Name!

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