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Ducktales Recap: The Spear Of Selene

One of the overarching story elements of the new Ducktales reboot since its very premiere has been the mystery behind the parentage of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, specifically of their long lost mother, Della Duck. Her disappearance has had an evident impact on their family, most notably with it being the reason for Donald and Scrooge's falling out. But this episode offers a greater insight into the overall impact that her absence has had on many of the individual characters.

While we still don't know what exactly happened to Della Duck after this episode, we do know that whatever did happen to her was traumatic enough that it not only caused Donald to distrust and drift apart from Uncle Scrooge, but also transform him from a plucky, adventurous duck into someone much more timid and cautious, as he is no longer willing to go on adventures anymore.

Even then, what encourages him to continue going on said adventures, as was evident in both this episode and the very first, has been his concern for the overall well-being of his family, especially his three nephews. Because when his family faces grave danger, no matter how sheltered his sister's past has forced him to become, he's always there to heed the call to adventure.

Of course, the character who shines most in this episode is Dewey. Of all three nephews, he's the one most interested in learning about his mother's past and uncovering the mystery behind her absence. His search for her is driven by his desire to learn more about her and the type of person she was, especially since her never really knew her.

However, the closer he comes to the truth about her, the more he learns that she may not have been the greatest person he once imagined her to be, and it's this revelation that makes him hesitant to continue his search. Of course, just as his Uncle Donald decides to continue adventuring for the sake of his family, so too does Dewey continue his search for his mother, accepting the fact that learning the honest truth about her is more important that maintaining his preconceptions about her.

Overall, this was a really jovial episode that creatively weaves Greek mythology into the Ducktales universe. Watching the antics of characters like Storkcules, Selene, and even Zeus made me want to see more of these characters, especially since they apparently have a history with Donald, Scrooge, and their family. Seriously, am I the only one who want to see a prequel to this episode where we see exactly what kind of adventures they all went on together? Or at least a prequel comic? Can we at least flesh out Donald and Storkuleus' not-so-subtle bromance?

For a scene-by-scene recap of this episode, click READ MORE:

A new Ducktales episode after a four-month hiatus? And it stars Donald Duck?! Oh Ducktales, you spoil us!

Launchpad: A little lightning never hurt anyone.

Huey: Statistically speaking…

…you're more likely to be killed by lightning than you are by a terrorist or mass shooter. And yet Americans worry more about terrorism and mass shootings than lightning strikes. Because priorities!

Launchpad: Nothing to worry about. It's probably just the "everything is fine" light.

No, if that was the everything's fine light, the entire plane would be engulfed in fire as a dog in a fedora calmly sipped coffee and told you, "this is fine"

For those of you who aren't as familiar with Greek mythology, that right there is a manticore, which is a combination between a lion and scorpion.

Careful! Looks like you guys landed on Themyscira. They don't let men on the island, though Webby will most likely be welcome. (Then again, considering her mad skills, they'll probably want to recruit her as an Amazon warrior. How cool is that?)

Webby: This is Ithaquack, home of legendary Greek artifacts…like the Spear of Selene.

Peter Griffin: Ha Ha! She said it!

Louie has the idea. When stranded on a desert island, use the time to work on your tan.

Whoa! Might want be careful of the close-up of Stork's man cleavage. Or you'll have to bump the rating up to TV-14!

Who put the glad in gladiator? Storkuleus! He decided to go the distance and went from zero to hero. Other obligatory Hercules movie reference!

So the Greek gods exist in the Ducktales universe. That must mean every other world religion is a lie!

Webby: I'm sorry I've taken the Spear of Selene from your money bin. I'm sorry I betrayed your trust.

Not sure if Webby is a massive buzzkill or a much needed reality check.

The Temple of Gyros? I'll have one. Hold the onions. Heavy on the sauce.

Oh, you meant "Heroes!" I get those Greek references confused!

Zeus: I was the king of hospitality, the king of the beach.

No that would be Bacchus and Poseidon respectively.

"Killing a beast that was bothering us and fining a treasure that had been lost for ages was bad enough, but building a better sand castle than me? That was going too far!"

Okay, I'm going to address the rainbow-colored elephant in the room. All through this episode, Storkuleus is really friendly with Donald. And I mean REALLY friendly. And since he's one of the Ancient Greeks, who were famous for swinging in the other direction, I'm going to say Storkuleus has a real massive man crush on Donald. It's pretty obvious.

A Pegasus? What's next? An episode with brightly-colored talking ponies with the same voice actors as that of another show with brightly-colored talking ponies? Oh wait!

Well, at least they made it past The Pit of the Pendulum. Now they need to head on over to The Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

A Master Sword reference would be easier to make here if it was Louie pulling out the sword.

Hey! Be careful where you point that! That sword shoots a beam of light when you're at full health.

When you know you're not going to win so why bother even trying.

Looks like Huey learned that moves from Super Mario Bros. 2.

Llyweyn?  Louie's full name is Llwyelyn? That doesn't even sound like a real name.

If only real mini-boss battles were this easy to complete.

Yeah, but can he turn back time by spinning around the world backwards?

Pretty sure that's a disqualification.

Yeah, Storkuleus here has the hots for Donald.

You know, for someone who's sworn off adventures, you seem to go on a lot of them with your uncle and nephews.

Webby: "A little chimera. It's so adorable…"

That you just want to die?

"That I just want to slay it."

Um, okay then.

Scrooge: Nothing good ever came from a creepy child singing.

As every horror movie proves.

Hey look, it's what Donald is best at: slapstick.

Webby: This is one mystery we don't have to solve.

But since we wouldn't have a series-long story arc if we gave up that easily...

And there we go.

If Selene lives here, how exactly does she get in and out? Considering all the booby traps, doing that must be a real hassle.

"Your face is so cute I could pinch it off."

Why do I get the feeling that Della is actually this world's Wonder Woman and she's actually been traveling the globe fighting crime?

Scrooge: They're best friends.

Donald: Acquaintances.

Nah, there's a lot more going on here.

Looks like they'll have to take a boat instead. Don't worry. Should only take them a night to reach London.

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