Friday, May 11, 2018

Fan Art Friday: To Infinity War And Beyond

One of the hardest things about sharing fan art based on Avengers: Infinity War is the potential of accidently providing spoilers. So for the sake of this week's Fan Art Friday, I'm going to provide a fair warning that the following art may or may not contain spoilers. Consider this a warning. Otherwise, check below the break for this week's selection.

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The artist for this piece created several for the various super hero pairing in this movie, including this one. But I'm going to share my favorite, which is Team Thor. Because he has a talking raccoon and tree, that's why!

Interesting that Deadpool and Infinity War will be showing at the same time in theaters. Yes, I'm disappointed that Deadpool isn't in the MCU--yet!

Yes, Spider-Man uses the Iron Spider Suit in this movie. And yes, it's as cool as you'd expect it to be.

Do Gamora and Peter Quill finally kiss in this movie? Well, no spoilers, but the answer will leave you...conflicted.

This art piece contains a major spoiler so it's being censored, but, just...sniff...sorry, it's making me too emotional. The feels!

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  1. I appreciate the warning. I will not proceed. I don't go to the movie theater anymore so I won't see Infinity War until it's released on DVD/Blu-ray. Thanks for the headsup, Dudebro!