Thursday, October 31, 2019

Throwback Thursday: The Haunted Mansion You Never Got To Experience

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Happy Halloween! I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but I wanted to share something especially spooky for this especially spooky holiday. And what could be spookier than the original spooky Disney attraction, the Haunted Mansion? Well, how about the original spooky version of that original spooky attraction?

Recently, the YouTube channel, Yesterworld Entertainment, released a video detailing the history of the Haunted Mansion and the original concept for the attraction. The video discusses the original spooky attraction that could have been, how and why it never became a reality, and what traces of it exists today.

The idea for a haunted house at Disneyland had been around ever since the theme park was still in development. Originally pitched as a walkthrough attraction, Disney Imagineers had cycled through various concepts, from the mansion of a ruthless pirate captain to a haunted hotel hosting a wedding for a ghost couple.

Of course, the Mansion that we know today would not be derived from any of these ideas. Not only were many of the original concepts considered “too dark” for the otherwise family friendly park (one concept involved the grisly murder of a park employee!), but making the attraction a walkthrough would have resulted in high park traffic and long wait times. Fortunately, the creation of the Omnimover system allow the attraction to be created as it is today.

Personally, I’m quite intrigued by these original concepts. If Disney had moved forward with any of them, the Haunted Mansion certainly would have become one of the darkest attractions the park has ever created. The only thing that comes remotely close is the Phantom Manor attraction in Disneyland Paris.

Interestingly enough, a tweet from another Disney park YouTuber, Tricksterbelle, raised an interesting point: since all of these concepts are walkthroughs, it would be quite simple for someone with a lot of free time and expertise to create their own homemade attraction based off of them. Who knows? Maybe someone actually will!

To learn more about the Haunted Mansion that could have been, check out the video in the break below: