Thursday, January 30, 2020

Throwback Thursday: 1978 Orange Bowl Halftime Show


The Super Bowl is this weekend. Who are you rooting for? The 49ers? Or The Chiefs? Neither, in my case. I only watch the game for the commercials and halftime show. I really hope this year’s show is spectacular. Then again, when is the Super Bowl Halftime Show never spectacular? You know, other than last year’s disappointment?!

Speaking of which, did you know that Disney once hosted a halftime show? Okay, it wasn’t for the Super Bowl. But it was for the Orange Bowl. And you could say that it was a “spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination!”

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Yes, in thousands of sparkling lights and electro-syntho-magnetic musical sounds, the Main Street Electrical Parade made a special apperance during the 1978 Orange Bowl Halftime Show. The parade itself was an abridged version with only a few floats from the Alice In Wonderland and Pete’s Dragon units. Nevertheless, it was one of the rare instances when the parade was hosted outside of the park. The only other time was in Times Square to help promote the premiere of Hercules in 1997.

Now I’m wondering why Disney hasn’t hosted a similar show since then. Imagine what a Super Bowl Halftime Show hosted by Disney would look like. Imagine if they hosted an abridged version of Fantasmic. I’m surprised Disney hasn’t done something like that to help promote its animated features. Could you imagine a Frozen-themed show with a special performance of “Let It Go!” or “Into The Unknown!” sung by Idina Menzel? How “cool” would that be?

Anyway, check out the Main Street Electrical Parade at the 1978 Orange Bowl:


  1. Very interesting. I had no idea they ever did this. It would have been really cool if they had trotted the entire parade out onto the field!

    1. My guess is that they were constrained for time. Now I'm really curious as to what Fantasmic at half-time would look like. Hmm.