Thursday, April 30, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Delta Dreamflight

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I don’t need to tell you how the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted our daily lives. Most of us already know from personal experience. And for many Disney fans, I don’t need to tell you how the outbreak has affected our travel plans. Most of us likely had to cancel our flights and trips to Disney World because of it.

With Disney World remaining closed until further notice, potentially not re-opening until 2021, we’re all left longing for the days when we could catch a flight to the most Magical Place on Earth. And for many of us, we even long for the days when we could experience an attraction at that most “magical” place about the most “magical” form of transport—to the point where many die-hard fans have even recorded covers of the attraction’s theme song. This attraction I speak of, of course, is none other than Delta Dreamflight.

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Does Disney’s Robin Hood Need A Live-Action Remake?

Digital Spy

They say there are two inevitabilities in life: death and taxes. Well, thanks to Disney, there’s a third inevitability: live-action remakes of their animated features.

For nearly a decade, the House of Mouse has been rolling out live-action adaptation after adaptation of its classic animated movies. This trend started with the release of 2010’s Alice in Wonderland and has since picked up steam year after year with remakes of such animated classics as Jungle Book, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast.

Last year saw the most remakes released, with three in theaters (Dumbo, Aladdin, and Lion King) and one to Disney Plus (Lady And The Tramp). Mulan is slated to be released this July after being postponed from its initial March release date. Even more live-action adaptations are planned for the near future, including Little Mermaid, Sword In The Stone, and Lilo & Stitch.

Recently, Disney created quite the stir on social media following their announcement that a live-action CGI remake of Robin Hood is planned for release on Disney Plus.

Originally released in 1973, Robin Hood may not have been a critical box office success, but it has since become a cult classic, especially among Gen Xers and Millenials who grew up watching and re-watching the film on home media. As such, the film has influenced an entire generation, radicalizing some fans in their politics, while inspiring others to become interested in the furry fandom.

So when the movie was announced to receive a live-action remake, many fans reacted vocally to the news, as has been predictably the case with these Disney live-action remakes. While some were intrigued at the prospect, most others were horrified, fearing that the CGI required to bring the anthropomorphic animal characters to live-action would fall somewhere in the uncanny valley between the live-action Lion King and Cats.

So what do I think? Does Robin Hood deserve to receive a live-action adaptation? Would such a remake make for an “oo-de-lally” golly what a day? Or would it prove to be phonier than the “Phony King of England”?

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Fan Art Friday: Life Is Like A Hurricane III

Why, yes, I'm creating yet another fan art compilation of the new Ducktales show. Because there's a new episode this week, and the show is awesome. So if you feel like quacking, and I think you do, then check out this week's Fan Art Friday. Woo-oo!

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Mousercise “Ducks Dance Too!”


How’s everyone holding up during the pandemic? Are you all remaining safe inside, practicing your social-distancing? Are you all keeping healthy? Are you managing to engage in some physical activity while staying indoors? I know I have.

Normally, I go to the gym for my daily workout routine, but since my state’s lockdown has shut down the gyms, I’ve been required to improvise. Instead, I’ve been working out at home by exercising to workout videos on YouTube. I’ve been working out to videos from channels such as Yoga With Kassandra, Pop Fitness, and Fit Gent.

But perhaps my favorite workout routines have not come from any recent videos from modern YouTube channels. My personal favorite workouts have come from a blast from the past, back when Mickey Mouse wanted to cash in on the 80s aerobics trend by opening his own gym.

Come on, everybody! Let’s Mousercise with this week’s Throwback Thursday!

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Fan Art Friday: Life Is Like A Hurricane II

If one good thing has come out of the current COVID-19 crisis, it's that it's given me plenty of time to binge watch many great Disney Channel shows on Disney Plus. So far, I've managed to catch up with SVTFOE, Tangled, and Ducktales 2017.

BTW, anyone else loving the new season of Ducktales? Trick question! Of course you all are. Because why wouldn't you? Shame that the new episodes won't be added to Disney Plus until 30 days after the season ends, but at least there are "other" ways to watch it. Anyway, here's some more fan art of those ducks that will never fail!

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Pinocchio Commercials


Tony Goldmark recently released his latest Escape From Vault Disney podcast where he and his friends discuss Pinocchio. This is going to be their last podcast before going on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you haven't heard the podcast yet, feel free to do so. They have several discussing movie and specials featured on Disney Plus.

For their latest podcast, Tony highlighted several vintage Pinocchio commercials. You can see his comments about them on his Twitter thread here. I also thought they were intriguingly interesting. So I'm also showcasing them for this week's Throwback Thursday.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Remember Going To The Movies?


So how's everyone holding up under quarantine? Seen any good movies on streaming? Hey, remember when you could actually visit the theaters to watch movies? You know, before all the theaters were shut down? And movie studios decided to release all their latest films directly to streaming? Like when Disney released Onward to Disney Plus?

Streaming services may make watching movies more convenient, and it is certainly nice that some of the latest films have been released on these services due to the current pandemic. However, even with the relative ease of streaming services, it still would be nice if theaters continued to exist.

Yes, it's nice to watch movies at home. But being able to share in a collective experience with other moviegoers? Especially during big event movies like Avengers: Endgame? That's something Netflix or Disney Plus can't replace.

Recently, a Twitter user called Scott Gustin published clips from a theater screening of Avengers: Endgame, which highlighted the audience's reactions to big scenes. Needless to say, the crowd goes wild. It's an experience that movie theaters were made for--what epic blockbuster movies were made for!--and you can't get them through streaming services.

Movie critic Bob "Moviebob" Chipman elucidated the significance of such moments on Twitter: "You can't deny the impact of this stuff. People don't like to hear it, but THIS is what Aeschylus and Sophocles were aiming to draw from crowds at Dionysia. This is our Globe Theatre - but for the actual globe."

Since these are clips to a movie that's still relatively recent (despite being barely one year old), I'll be posting them down below after the break to help prevent spoilers. If you've already seen the movie, then feel free to click below and remember the magic.

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Top 10 Ducktales 2017 Episodes (Season 2)

Fandom Wiki

With the third season of Ducktales premiering this weekend, I'm counting down the top ten episodes of the previous two seasons. The previous list ranked the top ten episodes of the first season. Now here's the top ten episodes of the second season.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Top 10 Ducktales 2017 Episodes (Season 1)

Fandom Wiki

When the Ducktales reboot was announced in 2015, many fans were left skeptical. Most animated reboots within the past decade have come across as shallow caricatures of their original series (see: Powerpuff Girls 2016, Ben 10 2016, Thundercats Roar!). However, upon its release, Ducktales (2017) has proven to be the exception rather than the rule.

With comic-style art that reflects the original Carl Banks comic books, Easter eggs and references galore that pay homage to the entire franchise, and updates to characters and settings that properly adapt them for a modern age, this reboot quickly became something that could be enjoyed by fans old and new alike. The result is an animated series that has earned its place as one of Disney Channel's best this past decade next to Gravity Falls and Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil.

With the third season premiering, let's take a look back at the previous two seasons and count down the top ten episodes of each, starting with the very first season.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Fan Art Friday: Life Is Like A Hurricane I

The third season of the Ducktales reboot premieres tomorrow. It's sure to come in like a hurricane with race cars, lasers, and airplanes like a duck blur. To celebrate, this week's fan art comes from no pony tails or cotton tails. No! They come from Ducktales! Woo-hoo!

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Della's Journey Home

Disney Channel

The third season of the DuckTales reboot premieres this Saturday. I have several big posts planned for the occasion. Until then, here's a little something for Throwback Thursday.

One of the big story threads of the new series has been the whereabouts of Della Duck, the triplets' mother and Donald's sister. Disney XD recently released a compilation of the episodes telling her story thus far. Give it a watch below to refresh yourself for the new season.

If you still haven't seen the new DuckTales, give it a binge on Disney Plus. Heaven knows we all have plenty of time on our hands due to the pandemic. If Della Duck can survive on the moon for 12 years, we can all make it through self-quarantine for a few weeks.

Check out Della's Journey Home here:

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hey Kids Want Some Crack?!?


Hey! Don't worry! Don't let the title fool you, even though today IS April Fools Day! I'm not offering anything illicit. Just some quirky internet videos.

Since the coronavirus scare, I've been spending a lot of time indoors. And I've been passing my time by doing what most people my age and younger do to pass the time: watching quirky internet videos. Allow me to share some of these videos.

Below are a bunch of crack compilations. Crack, for the uninitiated, are videos with random funny scenes edited from movies and television shows. The following crack videos are edited from Disney movies from YouTube user Draco Keyblade.

If you're looking for a good chuckle, if not a good fit of raging laughter, check them out. They're really awesome!

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