Thursday, April 23, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Mousercise “Ducks Dance Too!”


How’s everyone holding up during the pandemic? Are you all remaining safe inside, practicing your social-distancing? Are you all keeping healthy? Are you managing to engage in some physical activity while staying indoors? I know I have.

Normally, I go to the gym for my daily workout routine, but since my state’s lockdown has shut down the gyms, I’ve been required to improvise. Instead, I’ve been working out at home by exercising to workout videos on YouTube. I’ve been working out to videos from channels such as Yoga With Kassandra, Pop Fitness, and Fit Gent.

But perhaps my favorite workout routines have not come from any recent videos from modern YouTube channels. My personal favorite workouts have come from a blast from the past, back when Mickey Mouse wanted to cash in on the 80s aerobics trend by opening his own gym.

Come on, everybody! Let’s Mousercise with this week’s Throwback Thursday!

To get in the groove and move with Mousercise, click READ MORE.


I actually want to discuss Mousercise in-length in a potential blog post in the future. For our purposes here, Mousercise was created by Disney in the early 1980s as a way to cash in on the aerobics trend. The franchise started as an exercise album released in 1982, and later transitioned into its own exercise program on Disney Channel in 1983.

Hosted by Kellyn Plasschaert, the program led viewers through various children-friendly exercises. A typical episode would start with a warm-up session, followed by a series of exercises based on Disney songs like “It’s A Small World”, then several exercises from a song on the Mousercise album, then lastly with floor exercises (also based on Disney properties like Cinderella or Jungle Book) followed by a cool-down session. Each episode also featured lessons on health and safety, presented through intervals and a skit at the very end starring some of the costumed Disney characters.

Mousercise premiered with the Disney Channel in 1983 and continued to broadcast on the channel until the mid-1990s. The show often aired during the morning hours, providing children the opportunity to get a morning workout before school. I remember working out to many of these episodes first thing in the morning before elementary school. Personally, I feel this concept should make a comeback, especially with the advent of streaming. What better way to get kids active?

There’s a few episodes that have been uploaded onto YouTube. Here’s one of them. If you have a smart TV at home, I’d recommend watching the episode that way and exercising along with it. Even as an adult, I find these exercises to be a prime way to keep fit, especially during the current health crisis.

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