Sunday, August 16, 2020

Maid Marian The Blue-Eyed Fox

Conrad & Adams

Conrad & Adams is a fruit packing company located in the Yakima Valley of Washington State. They specialize in both conventional and organic produce, primarily apples, pears, and cherries. For many years, the company has remained dedicated to shipping fruit of only the highest consistent quality and taste.

As their website states: "From field to table is how we think, and we have a dedicated staff and team that carefully watches the life of each piece of fruit from the orchards to the packing warehouse to the packaging to the customer and eventually to the consumer."

So why am I talking about a fruit company on a blog about Disney? Because their mascot is an anthropomorphic blue-eyed vixen dressed in a red cloak like Little Red Riding Hood. Her name, fittingly enough, is the "Blue-Eyed Fox."

Recently, this blue-eyed fox mascot caught the attention of several furry artists on Twitter. They were quick to notice that the cartoon vixen seemed nearly reminiscent of another cartoon vixen from Disney: Robin Hood's Maid Marian. They even took the initiative to draw Marian as the Blue-Eyed Vixen.

To see Maid Marian cosplay as a fruit company mascot, click READ MORE:


Mr. Edtropolis

The Furboz

Personally, I feel that Red Riding Hood is a fitting role for Marian. After all, the Sheriff of Nottingham is a wolf, and Robin is a brave woodsman. So she was made for the role. She also looks cute selling organic cherries.

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