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DWOA Princess Alliance: Chapter 02

Disney's World of Adventures: Princess Alliance

Chapter 02 – Two Princesses Receive Their Invitation

    Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Aurora. On the day of her birth, she was visited by three good fairies, each of whom bestowed upon her a magical blessing. But an evil fairy arrived to lay an evil spell upon her. She was cursed so that, on the day of her sixteenth birthday, she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into everlasting sleep.

    Not wanting the curse to come to pass, the three fairies took the baby princess away to raise her as their own and protect her from the evil fairy. Unfortunately, her sixteenth birthday arrived, and Aurora was tricked into pricking her finger and falling into a deep sleep. She was trapped in a tall tower and guarded by the evil fairy turned into a dragon.

    Fortunately, she was saved by a handsome prince with whom she had fallen in love. The prince, equipped by the good fairies with a magic sword and shield, slayed the dragon, and awoke the princess with true love’s kiss. Having been awoken by her true love, Aurora and her prince married, and they all lived happily ever after.

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    Metal clashed against metal as Prince Phillip sparred against his fencing partner. As was routine for them every afternoon, the two practiced their swordplay. Both wore all-white uniforms with masks concealing their faces as they sparred inside the royal training grounds. The grounds were normally crowded earlier in the day when the guards engaged in their morning drills; however, by afternoon, they were vacant, allowing the prince and his partner to enjoy the facility to themselves.

    The two clashed swords furiously as each tried to strike the other. With each clash, each fencer moved their foot one step forward or back to either evade their opponent or force them back. So graceful were their every move that their practice appeared to be less of a battle and more of a synchronized dance. Lunge. Lunge. Parry. Lunge. Lunge. Parry. Repartee.

    Phillip took the upper hand. He forced his opponent several steps back. One, two, three times he swung his sword; every time, his partner blocked. With a mighty lunge, Phillip lifted his sword over his head and swung down. His opponent spun away from the attack and, upon completing their spin, blocked it. Their blades crossed, the two circled each other until they both stood opposite each other. Phillip lurched back and swung his sword once more, only for his partner to counter his attack.

    Phillip swung rapidly—one, two, three—forcing his opponent back one step with each swing. Soon he backed them toward a wooden post. His opponent reacted quickly, leaping back, kicking the post, and launching forward at Phillip. He quickly countered, leaping above the first swing, ducking underneath the second, and spinning away from the third.

    Once more, blade clashed against blade as Phillip gained the upper hand. He drove his opponent back several steps until they were backed against a haystack. With one swing, he knocked his opponent’s sword out of their hand, sending it flying into the air.

    “Touche!” he lunged his sword forward, attempting to repartee.

    Instead, his blade pierced the haystack as his opponent spun away from his attack. Phillip struggled to free his sword. Meanwhile, his opponent leaped on top of the haystack and retrieved their sword midair.

    Phillip finally drew his sword free from the hay.

    “Nice catch!” he said, swinging his blade at his opponent’s feet.

    They quickly leaped over his attack and off of the haystack towards him. Phillip lurched back and swung his sword upward to guard himself. As his opponent landed onto the ground, they crossed swords. Quickly, Phillip broke free and swung his blade. One, two, three times he swung; each time, his opponent parried. Upon the third swing, they spun out of the way and swung their sword hard against his, sending it flying out of his hands.

    As his sword crashed several feet behind him, his opponent pressed the tip of their blade against his chest.


    Phillip flung off his mask to reveal a smirk. “Touche, indeed. You’ve certainly improved!”

    His opponent removed their mask, revealing flowing golden hair and a pair of sparkling sapphire eyes.

    “Thanks,” Princess Aurora replied. “I learned only from the best.”

    “It’s the least I could do.” Phillip widened his grin and set aside his mask. “A woman such as yourself should be able to fend for herself. I won’t always be there to rescue you as I did three four ago.”

    Aurora embraced her husband and greeted him with a kiss. “Was it four years? It feels like it all happened just yesterday, once upon a dream.”

    “Time flies fast.” Phillip chuckled. “Four years have passed since I awoke you from that spell, and three years have passed since we first married.”

    Aurora giggled. “And to think our anniversary falls on the day after my birthday?”

    “Well,” a voice addressed them. “Two very special days call for twice the celebration.”

    In front of the royal couple appeared three glowing lights: red, blue, and green. In the blink of an eye, they transformed into three fairies, each one wearing clothes that matched their colored light.

    Aurora smiled upon recognizing them. “Flora! Fauna! Merryweather!”

    Each good fairy curtseyed as they were called by name, and each one opened their arms to embrace Aurora as she rushed to greet them.

    “Oh, it’s been so long,” she exclaimed as she released them from her embrace. “I thought I would never see you. I assumed you all had forgotten my birthday and anniversary.”

    Flora chuckled and shook her head. “Oh, my dear, we most certainly didn’t forget.”

    Fauna clasped her hands together. “We would have come earlier, but we had important matters to attend to.”

    Merriweather nodded. “But we’re here now, and we’ve come to offer our belated gift.”

    Aurora raised an eyebrow. “A gift?”

    “Of course,” Flora replied. “For your birthday and anniversary.”

    “We know you have been studying the blade under young Phillip,” Fauna said.

    “So we wanted to give you something to aid you in your swordsmanship,” Merryweather added.

    Aurora giggled and spread her arms, denoting she was willing to receive her gift. The three good fairies raised their wands. Flora counted to three. Upon three, she and the others flicked their wands, sending beams of light shining upon Aurora. Her figure glowed with red, green, and blue light for a few seconds until the lights faded away.

    The princess now stood dressed in an outfit similar to the dress she was gifted three years ago if it were clad in armor. She wore a pink silk leotard with long sleeves and a skirt that rose several inches above her feet and encompassed her waist yet remained open at the front, revealing a matching pair of tights. Her outfit was covered with metal armor, consisting of gauntlets (metal gloves), vambraces (armbands), pauldrons (shoulder guards), breastplate, and tassets (metal skirt plates). Her breastplate was embedded with red rubies and green emeralds in the design of a rose emblem. On her feet, she wore knee-high boots dyed pink and covered with metal plating.

    Aurora spun in place and gazed down, craning her neck back and forth to better survey her new outfit. Her face and smile glowed as brightly as her gleaming armor.

    “It’s so gorgeous,” she exclaimed.

    “Indeed,” Phillip said, his thumb under his chin. “Why, I’m not sure whether to take you to the ball or to battle. Either way, you would look great.”

    Flora once more lifted her wand. “Her outfit is not quite complete. She will face many dangers in the journeys and battles ahead. She will need to arm herself with this enchanted shield of virtue…”

    The good fairy flicked her wand once more. In the blink of an eye, Aurora found herself holding a shield. As she held it aloft, it was large enough to safeguard herself from the tip of her chin down to her waist and across her chest. On the front was embedded an emblem of a rose, similar to what she wore on her breastplate, with gleaming red rubies and green emeralds.

    “…and this mighty sword of valor.”

    Once more, Flora flicked her wand. Aurora now held a sword with a shining blade, silver hilt, and ruby pommel. As she lifted it to her face, she could see her reflection gazing back at her. She swung it several times to gain a better feel of it.

    “So elegant,” she said.

    Flora nodded. “Like a rose: beautiful to look at, bet sharp to the touch. And yet it conceals many more secrets.”

    Aurora raised an eyebrow as she lowered her sword. “What do you mean?”

    Flora motioned to the hilt. “See for yourself.”

    With the blade facing down, Aurora lifted the hilt to her face. On the side, she noticed a trigger. She pressed it. The blade broke apart into several smaller segments, each attached to one long metal cord running through them like beads on a string. The sudden transformation elicited a shocked gasp from her. She noticed as the tip of the blade dangled at the very end of the cord, touching the ground below. Upon releasing the trigger, the cord reeled inward, retracting the metal segments until they once more formed a single blade.

    “Try pressing it while swinging your sword forward,” Fauna suggested.

    Aurora did as she was instructed. Turning to face away from the others, she swung her sword and pressed the trigger. Once more, the sword split into several smaller metal bits on a cord that stretched several yards forward, as though she were wielding a whip with metal thorns. Once more, she released the trigger; once more, the metal cord drew back into the hilt, like a fishing line being drawn in, with the metal segments retracting back into a single blade.

    “Now try aiming it at that wooden post over there.” Merryweather pointed to the far end of the field.

    Aurora did as she was instructed. She flung her sword in the direction of the post and pressed the trigger. Once more, the sword broke into several parts that flew along the cord as it flew toward the wooden post, wrapping around it several times. The metal bits dug deep into the wood. As Aurora gave a tug, the cord wrapped tighter around the post, and the metal dug deeper. With an even greater tug, the metal sliced through the post, cutting it more swiftly than any ax, and sent it tumbling over into pieces. Once more, she released the trigger, and the cord and metal retracted back into a single blade.

    Aurora lifted the blade to her face. She once again saw her reflection shining upon it, and she could hardly tell that it had previously broken into several smaller pieces moments before.

    “Your weapon doubles as both a blade and a whip,” Flora explained. “Beautiful as a rose. Sharp as its thorns. What better name for it than the Rosewhip Sword?”

    Aurora sheathed her new blade into the hilt hanging from her waist and flung her shield across her back. She lunged forward to hug her fairy friends once more.

    “Oh, thank you very much. They are all lovely gifts, and I do hope to make good use of them.”

    As soon as she released the three good fairies from her embrace, she and Phillip noticed a servant approaching them.

    “My prince and princess,” He swiftly bowed before his two lieges. “Your fathers, King Stefan and King Hubert, request your presence in the throne room.”

    In return, Aurora and Phillip nodded.

    “We will be there posthaste,” Phillip replied.

    The servant bowed once more before turning to leave.

    Phillip turned to his wife. “Guess we better see what they need.”

    Aurora nodded. “And I certainly want to show them my new presents.”

    The two bowed before their three friends before departing. The three fairies likewise waved goodbye to them before fading away into magic dust.


    Once upon a time, there lived a maiden named Rapunzel. She had long, flowing golden hair and lived alone atop a tall tower. Every evening on her birthday, she watched as countless floating lanterns filled the night sky. She wondered why these mysterious lights appeared every year on her birthday, and she wanted to see them up close for herself.

    On her eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel convinced a handsome rouge, who had snuck his way into her tower, to take her to see the floating lanterns. Together, the two traveled to the kingdom, and along the way, fell in love. There she learned that the lanterns were released every year to help guide home a missing princess who had been taken away from the king and queen.

    Rapunzel quickly learned that she was that missing princess. She had been kidnapped by an evil witch and trapped in her tower to use for her magic golden hair. Together, Rapunzel and the thief defeated the witch and reunited with her true parents, the king and queen. She assumed her role as the rightful heir to the throne and eventually married the thief. And they all lived happily ever after.


    Rapunzel sat in her room, working diligently on yet another painting. She loved every art piece she created, yet she was especially immersed in her current masterpiece. Figuring out what to paint wasn’t difficult. Figuring out which color to use? Now that proved slightly more challenging. She pondered that very conundrum as she rested her chin on her paintbrush.

    “Should I go with lavender-blue or lavender purple?”

    She glanced at her pet chameleon, Pascal. No sooner had she asked that question when the reptile changed his skin from green to the color of his choice.

    Rapunzel grinned as she nodded her head in agreement. “Good choice.”

    She dipped her paintbrush into the color he selected for her and began applying it to the canvas. After adding a few touches, she leaned back and pressed her brush under her chin once more as she studied her creation.

    “Definitely a good choice.” She glanced once more at her pet, who gave her a thumbs up.

    “Rapunzel!” a voice called from outside her window. “Rapunzel! Let down your hair!”

    The golden-haired princess set down her palette and brush before rushing to her balcony. She peered down at the ground far below to see who had called her. None other than her husband, Eugene Fitzherbert—or Flynn Rider, as he preferred to be called. She giggled as she saw him waving at her.

    “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” he said with one hand on his heart and another raised upward. “So that I may climb that golden stair.”

    She reached behind her head to untie her braid, allowing her golden tresses to flow loose. She tossed them over the railing, and they fell to the ground below.

    Eugene took hold of her long golden locks. Putting one hand in front of the other, he pulled himself up along her long hair as his feet scaled the castle wall. In a minute or two, he reached the balcony, and with Rapunzel’s assistance, pulled himself over the railing. He planted both feet on the floor as he dusted his pants.

    Rapunzel laughed as she reeled her hair up. “You know, our castle does have stairs.”

    Eugene folded his arms and smugly grinned. “I know, I know. I just felt like reliving fond memories. You know, like the first time we met?”

    Rapunzel pulled up the last inch of her hair, which she promptly began re-braiding. “The first time?”

    “You remember, don’t you?” Eugene raised his hand and cupped it upward. “When I first discovered your tower. I called out to you, as I did now. And you let loose your hair, as you did just now, and I climbed it so that I could meet you and rescue you.”

    Rapunzel held her hand to her mouth to hide her giggles as she shook her head. “I don’t think that’s how it happened.”

    Eugene raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

    Rapunzel pressed a finger against her cheek. “If I remember correctly, you snuck into my tower. I thought you were trying to kidnap me. So I hit you against the head with a frying pan.

    Eugene winced as he rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah, now I remember.”

    “Then I tried hiding your unconscious body in my closet. But then you tried waking up, so I hit you again.”

    Eugene grit his teeth. “Yeah, starting to remember that, too.”

    “But then you woke up and tried to woo me. So I hit you again.”

    Eugene continued rubbing the back of his head. “I’m starting to wonder if that’s why I can’t remember things quite right. You might have done some serious damage there, Blondie!”

    Rapunzel chuckled. “It’s true our relationship had a rocky start. I didn’t trust you, and you didn’t trust me. But the more we got to know each other, the more we eventually warmed up to one another. And then everything culminated on that fateful night. You remember?”

    She waltzed over to her painting and turned it toward Eugene. The piece was of the two of them sitting within a boat and releasing a floating lantern into the night sky above. There countless other lanterns drifted in the background by the hundreds, their light reflecting in the water below.

    Eugene placed his thumb under his chin as he studied the painting. “Nice work. Love what you did with my face. You even got my nose right. Everybody messes that up.”

    “That’s when I realized there was more to you than what I could see on the surface. It was like at last I could see the light, and it was like a fog had lifted. And like the lantern rising into the night sky, our relationship only went up from there. And, well, here I am, working on our second-anniversary present.”

    Eugene raised both eyebrows and exclaimed, “Oh! So that’s what you’re working on. Our anniversary present. Our anniversary. Is it today?”

    Rapunzel shook her head. “No. That’s not for another two weeks. I simply wanted to get a head start on it so I wouldn’t forget at the last minute. I was going to keep it a surprise, but since you arrived, I thought I’d show it to you now.”

    “And what a lovely anniversary present it is.” Eugene took the painting with both hands to study it more closely. “Definitely something to hang in a museum.”

    Rapunzel cocked an eyebrow. “You didn’t forget our anniversary, did you?”

    Eugene blinked as he lowered the painting onto the easel.

    “Oh no, no, no!” He waved his hands. “I certainly didn’t forget. But thanks for reminding me, anyway. I, uh, think those whacks with the pan may have certainly affected my memory there.”

    Rapunzel kept her eyebrow cocked as she folded her arms.

    “Oh, I’m only kidding!” Eugene replied. “How could I forget our wedding anniversary? I even remember our marriage proposal. I remember that day well. After a long, long, long time of asking and asking…I finally said yes.”

    Rapunzel grinned as she kept her arms folded. “Eugene!”

    Her husband rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders. “All right! I asked you.”

    Rapunzel unfolded her arms and took Flynn by the hands. “And we’re living happily ever after.”

    Eugene smiled as he gazed into his wife’s eyes and leaned close, ready to kiss her. “Yes, we are.”

    The two were about to join lips when the door opened. Queen Arianna entered. She rose a hand to her face and blushed upon seeing the two nearly kiss.

    “Sorry,” she said. “Am I interrupting something?”

    Flynn and Rapunzel shook their heads.

    “No,” Rapunzel replied. “Nothing at all.”

    “Your father wants to see you in the throne room,” the Queen said. “He has something important to tell you.”

    Rapunzel and Eugene followed the Queen down the hall. They entered the throne room where King Frederic waited for them, pacing.

    “Ah! There you two are.” He ceased his pacing once they entered. “I have something important to discuss with you both.”


    Phillip and Aurora entered the throne room of Aurora’s father, King Stefan. He waited for them, along with Phillip’s father, King Hubert. The two kings chatted with each other and stopped when their children arrived.

    “My dearest Aurora and Phillip!” Stefan addressed his daughter and son-in-law as they approached. “You both have arrived, and just in time. We have important matters to discuss.”

    “My goodness, Aurora!” Hubert pointed excitingly at her. “That’s a very fancy outfit you’re wearing. Though I’m not sure whether you’re going to battle or the ball.”

    Her father glanced up and down at her armor and sword. “Oh, that is new! And quite fetching!”

    Aurora curtseyed. “Thank you. It was a gift from the three good fairies.”

    The two kings circled her to better examine her. Both were intrigued by the design and aesthetic, as it looked both pleasing to the eye and practical in its potential use. They were fascinated by her new sword, especially by how it could turn into a barbed whip with such a far-reaching range.

    “Truly remarkable!” King Hubert chuckled. “Now that’s a sword that can foe many fell—er, I mean fell many foes. Remind me to ask the fairies to forge me a similar weapon.”

    King Stefan cleared his throat. “My dear Hubert, I do believe we have more important matters to discuss.”

    Hubert chortled. “Quite right. Quite right.” He turned to the prince and princess. “We have a very important announcement.”


    “As you know,” King Frederic addressed Rapunzel, “as a princess, it is incumbent upon you to assume miscellaneous royal duties on behalf of myself and the kingdom. That way, when you are queen, you are fully prepared to fulfill them on your own. One of those duties is maintaining good standing with our allies in other kingdoms by attending their formal events, including coronations, royal balls, and especially weddings.”


    “The good news,” King Hubert held aloft an envelope with a broken seal, and drew a letter from it, “is that King Stefan and I have been cordially invited to attend a wedding of a princess from one of our allies, Hermosa Vista.”

    “The bad news,” King Stefan added, “is that both of us have more pressing matters to attend to here in our own kingdoms, so we are both unable to attend, unfortunately.”

    “Ah!” Hubert interjected, “but the good news is that both of you are free to go on our behalf.”


    “A wedding, you say?” Eugene raised an eyebrow raised in intrigue. “Sounds like quite the swanky occasion.”

    “Yes, really fancy!” Rapunzel turned to her father. “And who’s the lucky princess being married?”

    “Princess Marianna,” King Frederic replied. “Daughter of King Hernandez.”


    “Their kingdom has been a faithful trading partner with us for many years,” King Stefan told his daughter.

    “Yes, yes!” King Hubert nodded. “They grow some of the ripest fruit, and with those fruit, they brew the finest sangria. Very fine sangria!”

    King Stefan likewise nodded. “So it’s vital that we maintain good relations with them, which is why we want you two to attend this wedding on our behalf and serve as representatives for our kingdom.”


    “And as representatives of our kingdom,” King Frederic told Rapunzel, “I want you to observe how their kingdom conducts its business. It’s been several years since I last met King Hernandez, so I would like to know if he’s still a worthy ally, and his kingdom is worth continuing relations with. If for some reason you suspect he isn’t, let me know.”


    “And above all else,” King Hubert interjected. “eat, drink, and be merry. ‘tis a glorious occasion, so be sure to revel in the festivities on our behalf.”

    King Stefan nodded. “But most importantly, be sure to maintain decorum and represent our kingdom well.”


    Phillip bowed and Aurora curtseyed before their fathers, the kings. Rapunzel and Eugene did likewise to King Frederic. In their respective kingdoms, to their respective kings, both pairs of princes and princesses replied. “We will!”


    The next day, Aurora and Phillip departed from their kingdom. Rapunzel and Eugene likewise departed from their own. Both royal couples traveled half a day until they reached Hermosa Vista. Upon arriving at the royal palace, they were greeted at their carriages and escorted inside along with their luggage, which was carried away by servants to their respective guest rooms.

    Meanwhile, the two princesses and their two princes were escorted into the throne room, where several other guests congregated and chatted amongst each other. Both royal couples were announced by name and presented before King Hernandez. He greeted them as he stood in front of his throne.

    “Ah! If it isn’t the princesses from Corona and Talia!” He looked at Rapunzel and Aurora as he mentioned their respective kingdoms. “And where might your fathers, the good kings, be?”

    Aurora curtseyed. “Our fathers were unable to attend. They had other matters to attend to. So they sent us on their behalf.”

    “Same here.” Rapunzel also curtseyed. “My father was also busy, so he sent me instead.”

    King Hernandez frowned as he accepted a goblet and bottle of sangria from an attending servant. “That’s too bad. I was looking forward to meeting your fathers. A long time has passed since I’ve seen my good friends, King Stefan and Hubert, and King Frederic as well. They were always good drinking buddies.”

    He shrugged upon filling his cup to the brim. “Oh well! More sangria for me. I’ll be sure to drink three times more on their behalf.”

    He raised his cup in the air and exclaimed, “Skumps!” before guzzling down his drink.

    “Speaking of other royalty,” Rapunzel said. “When will be able to meet the princess? I’ve never met her before.”

    Aurora shook her head. “Neither have I.”

    King Hernandez drank the last drop of his sangria and wiped what was left from his mouth. No sooner had he finished his drink that he poured himself another.

    “Oh, you’ll meet her soon enough.” He took another sip. “She’s preparing herself for the big evening as we speak. She needs to look her best for her engagement.”

    “Engagement?” Eugene raised an eyebrow. “I thought the wedding was tomorrow.”

    “Oh, it is.” King Hernandez finished his sip. “The prince is arriving this evening to formally propose to her. Then the two will marry tomorrow.”

    “With all due respect,” Aurora said, “that all seems rather sudden, doesn’t it? Having the princess married to a man she’s barely met?”

    “With all due respect, my dear,” Phillip replied, “is that not how we were married?”

    Aurora blushed. “Why, yes, but that was quite different, don’t you think? At least the two of us fell in love before either of us knew we were formally betrothed to each other.”

    “Oh, details, details!” King Hernandez once again refilled his goblet. “Love is love. Now, if you excuse me, I need to go prepare myself for this evening, as do the rest of you, I assume. My servants will show you to your rooms and attend to your needs.”

    He raised his goblet in the air. “Until then—to the wedding! Skumps! Skumps! Skumps!”


    After formally introducing themselves to each other, the four royals decided to take a stroll through the palace gardens. As they passed by the various foliage, fountains, and sculptures throughout the grounds, they conversed amongst themselves.

    “So you said your name was Aurora?” Rapunzel asked. “As in Sleeping Beauty?”

    Aurora nodded. “That I am—or rather, was.”

    “I heard so much about you,” Rapunzel gasped. “What was it like falling under an enchanted sleep? Was it like having a regular good night's sleep? Oh, but I’m sure it was romantic to be awakened by your handsome prince.”

    “I beg your pardon,” Aurora interjected, finger raised. “But did you say your name was Rapunzel? As in the princess with the long golden hair?”

    Rapunzel nodded. “Yup! That’s me! I’d show you right now, but—well, it takes longer to braid my hair than it does to untangle it, if you know what I mean.”

    Aurora chuckled. “I’m sure it does. And I’m sure it was interesting to use that long hair to escape your tower.”

    Eugene grinned as he scooched in-between the two princesses. “And I’m sure you’ve also heard of the charming, handsome rogue who helped free her from that tower?”

    Both Aurora and Phillip blinked. “Oh, well, we’ve certainly heard of you—uh, whoever you said you were.”

    Eugene was taken aback. “What? You mean you’ve never heard of me? The great Flynn Rider?”

    “Flynn Rider?” Phillip asked. “You mean the Flynn Rider? The swashbuckling hero from The Tales of Flynnigan Rider?”

    “Oh no, no, no!” Eugene waved both his hands and shook his head. “I just used that name as my alias. I’m Eugene Fitzherbert, the handsome commoner pretending to be a handsome rouge, who helped rescue Princess Rapunzel, reunite her with her family, and live happily ever after.”

    Phillip and Aurora replied with an “Ooh!” before shaking their heads.

    “Never heard of you,” Phillip replied.

    “Neither have I,” Aurora added.

    Eugene sucked a breath through his teeth. “Ouch! That hurts.”

    The four of them halted before a statue, the sight of which elicited from each of them a gasp. They stood under the hideous glare of an equally hideous stone hag. She glared with angry eyes down her pointed nose. Her hair stood wild and tangled upon her head like steel wire. Her hands stretched out with sharp fingernails like claws as her mouth widened in an eternal howl.

    Aurora covered her mouth. “Oh my, how frightful!”

    Eugene set his arms akimbo before pointing at the art piece before him. “Whoever’s in charge of outdoor decorating should be fired, because that sculpture is a bad choice.”

    “I know!” Rapunzel nodded. “Every other statue here is so beautiful, but this one—” she pointed at it, “well, it isn’t! So what’s it doing here?”

    Phillip silently read the bronze plaque underneath it. “Says here that this is Bruja Dama, an evil witch that was defeated to create this kingdom.”

    Eugene scratched his chin. “Evil witch, huh? I ran into an evil witch once. She killed me.”

    Aurora raised an eyebrow. “She killed you?”

    Eugene shrugged. “I got better. Trust me: long story.” 

    Rapunzel giggled. “Speaking of things that are long, I don’t know about you all, but it’s been a long day after a long ride, and we both need to get ready for this evening.”

    “Same here,” Aurora nodded. “We should start heading back.”

    With that, both royal couples turned away from the statue and began returning to the palace. None of them noticed the statue’s eyes glowing green as cracks formed upon its surface.



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