Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Hiatus Until December

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a long while. My computer bit the dust a month ago, and I've been swamped with work in real life. That, compounded with the stress of the elections and real world, has left me not feeling in the mood for blogging. So for the time being, I'm taking a hiatus. No blog posts until December. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

DWOA Princess Alliance: Chapter 06

Disney's World Of Adventures: Princess Alliance

Chapter 06 – At Long Last, True Love Arrives

    The next day arrived, and with it, the wedding. What was once planned as the union between Princess Marianna of Hermosa Vista and Prince Gruber of the Southern Isles would now be a union between the Princess and her faithful lady-in-waiting, Susanna.

    Both ladies awoke early that morning to prepare for their big day. Maria wore a wedding gown, pure white as the freshly fallen snow—the same dress her mother, the late queen, once wore on her wedding day. Susan, meanwhile, wore a violet gown that she would have worn as the Maid of Honor, but which she now wore as the other bride.

    When the hour of the wedding arrived later that afternoon, both ladies marched down the aisle to glorious fanfare. Both stood before the altar facing each other as the bishop officiated their wedding. Both exchanged their vows and said their “I do’s”, and both embraced each other in their first kiss as lawfully-wedded wives. They had marched down the aisle as friends, and marched once more as a married couple.

    The wedding ceremony had been hosted in the palace’s sanctuary, and the following reception was hosted in the grand ballroom. There Maria and Susan were formally introduced as they made their grand entrance. They shared their first bite of cake, their first sip of sangria, and their first dance as a married couple. Maria tossed her bouquet, and Susan tossed the garter belt. Both celebrated with food, dancing, and overall merriment. They cavorted with their fellow guests, including their new friends, and continued the festivities well into the evening.

    As the sun began to set, both Maria and Susan retreated to the balcony for some quality alone time as a couple. The orange sun dipped into the ocean, appearing to melt within the water, and the sky shifted from tangerine to indigo as the stars faintly appeared. Both ladies held each other’s hand as they watched the dusk transform into the evening before them.

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