Saturday, December 26, 2020

DWOA Princess Alliance: Chapter 10

Disney's World Of Adventures: Princess Alliance

Chapter 10 – It'll Do Magic, Believe It Or Not

    Once upon a time, there lived a maiden named Cinderella. She was forced to work as a servant in the home of her late father by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Day in and day out, she cooked, cleaned, and labored for them, yet with the aid of her talking mice friends, she remained ever gentle, kind, and determined that her dreams would come true.

    One day, A royal ball was announced in honor of the prince, and every maiden in the kingdom was invited. The evil stepfamily attended, but poor Cinderella was left behind. Fortunately, her fairy godmother gifted her with a magical dress, a pair of glass slippers, and carriage to carry her away to the ball, though she was warned that their magic would last only until the final stroke of midnight.

    At the ball, Cinderella met the prince, danced with him, and fell in love. Unfortunately, their romantic evening was interrupted when she was forced to flee before the stroke of midnight. To her favor, she accidently left behind a glass slipper. The prince searched for the foot that fit the slipper, and with it, he finally found his beloved Cinderella. He whisked her away from her evil family and to the palace to be his bride.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

DWOA Princess Alliance: Chapter 09

Disney's World Of Adventures: Princess Alliance

Chapter 09 – Something There That Wasn't There Before

    Once upon a time, there lived a maiden named Belle. One day, her inventor father left for market, but his horse returned home without him. Worried, she followed the horse to a castle hidden in the woods, where her father was being imprisoned by a Beast. She struck a bargain with the Beast to take her father's place as his prisoner.

    At first, Belle and the Beast did not get along. However, as time moved on, both of them grew more accustom to each other. The Beast learned to control his temper, and Belle learned to see the beauty hidden within his beastly exterior. The two soon became friends, and their friendship bloomed into love.

    Sadly, tragedy struck when Belle learned her father was gravely ill. The Beast permitted her to leave and see him. Meanwhile, Gaston, a jealous admirer of Belle, invaded the castle to rescue her and slay the beast. Gaston was defeated, but the Beast was left mortally wounded. Saddened, Belle gave him one last kiss. Her kiss proved to be true love's kiss that turned the beast into a handsome prince. His curse lifted, the two of them married.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

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Saturday, December 12, 2020

DWOA Princess Alliance: Chapter 08

Disney's World Of Adventures: Princess Alliance

Chapter 08 – Enter Lucitor, Harbinger Of Evil

    Moonlight poured through the stained glass window into the vacant chamber where Maria was held captive by Bruja Dama. The room remained silently still as it had been before being occupied by the witch and her prisoner. That silence was interrupted by a gust of wind that blew inside and stirred up a vortex. From that whirlwind appeared a plume of green smoke that spiraled upward from the floor to the ceiling.

    The wind and smoke disappeared, and in its place appeared a rangy figure. He was tall, thin, and slender. His skin was so pale that he appeared to be painted white. He wore a tight-fitting outfit with a long-sleeved shirt that was half-black and half-white and pants that were half-white and half-black. He wore shoes with curly toes on his feet, a ruffled collar around his neck, and upon his head, a jester’s cap with four dangly prongs with bells on their tips. His face was concealed by a white mask with two slits for eyeholes and a painted red smile. The eye slits glowed with a lambent green light, a similar color and glow as the orb at the tip of his scepter.

    With his free hand, the rangy pied-outfitted man covered his mouth to yawn. The smile painted upon his mask turned into an o-shaped mouth as he yawned, and turned once more into a smile when he finished.

    Releasing his scepter, which floated in midair beside him, he extended both hands outward to stretch his arms. His painted smile once more turned into a red circle as he yawned, and he twisted to his left as he stretched, bending his upper body a full 360-degrees three times, contorting his body and spine in an unnatural motion, before untwisting himself and returning to a normal stance.

    “Oy!” He sighed, one hand on his hip, the other holding his scepter. “A millennia or two in the abyss does numbers on your figure.”

    As he spoke, the painted smile on his mask glowed, flickering with every syllable.

    “By the way,” he continued. “How long have I’ve been gone?”

    He waves his scepter, its orb glowing green, and from it flew a green ray of light. From the light appeared an hourglass slowly dripping with sand, the bottom glass fuller than the top. The man bent forward and scratched his chin as the smile on his mask turned upside down into a frown.

    “Huh! That long?” The hourglass disappeared, and his frown turned upward into a smile. “Well, I guess time flies when you’re trapped in limbo between time and space.”

    Both arms akimbo, he surveyed the room around him. “Speaking of space, this place looks emptier than the skulls of most politicians.”

    He took a deep inhale through his nose before fanning it with his hand. His painted smiled twisted into a wavy frown.

    “Oh, and it reeks of old lady smell. Time to fix that.”

    He rose his scepter into the air and waved it several times, its orb glowing. “Eye of newt and five-leaf clover, give my place an extreme makeover.”

    In a flash of green light, what had once been a vacant chamber transformed into a well-furnished study with bookshelves filled with dusty old tomes and scrolls, and tables covered with test tubes and instruments of all shapes and sizes.

    The spellcaster dusted his hands and once more set them akimbo as he surveyed his surroundings. “Ah! Evil lair sweet evil lair. It’s good to be back!”

    He took hold of his scepter. “Of course, the fact I’m back indicates that the enchantment sealing away the abyss is starting to weaken. Only a matter of time until it fades away completely, and then my master will make his epic comeback.”

    Once more, he scratched his chin. “Hmm. Speaking of a comeback, I sense a certain magic still lingering in this room. Imma check and find out what it is—or rather, was.”

    He spun his scepter around several times before striking it on the floor and waving his other hand over the orb. “Magic orb, I humbly inquire, show me what events in this room transpired.”

    Inside his orb swirled green clouds that parted to reveal scenes of past events. He saw as the evil witch, Bruja Dama, stood overlooking Princess Maria as she lay still in her sleeping curse.

    “Hey, I know that lady!” he exclaimed. “Boy, the years haven’t been good on her. It certainly explains the old lady smell. And what’s this? A sleeping princess? Well, that’s certainly cliché. Imma fast forward things a bit.”

    He waved his hand over the orb, and the scene within shifted to when Susan and the others barged into the room to rescue her.

    “Oh, I’ve seen this all before. Here’s the royal prince and his entourage come to rescue the fair maiden, whom he’ll awaken with true love’s kiss.”

    Susan leaned over to plant her lips upon Maria’s.

    “Oh, well, that’s certainly progressive. Talk about subverting expectations!”

    Maria awoke to embrace Susan with a hug as everyone else cheered for them.

    “Judging by their royal attire, I’m assuming they’re all princes and princesses. That’s quite a few monarchs together in one place. Too many, if you ask me.”

    He snapped his fingers and the scenes within his orb vanished.

    “The spell binding my master away requires ten monarchs from ten kingdoms. The last thing we need is for these royal pains to grow their ranks. I’ll have to keep a close eye on them and stop them, or my name isn’t Lucitor!”

    He threw his arms in the air, arched his spine back, and cackled manically—before abruptly stopping and replying, “Which it is. It’s Lucitor. That’s my name.”, then returning to his maniacal laugh.

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Saturday, December 5, 2020

DWOA Princess Alliance: Chapter 07

Disney's World Of Adventures: Princess Alliance

Chapter 07 – The Hall of the Spellcasters Guild

    One moment, Princess Marianna and the others stood on the balcony of her palace overlooking her kingdom of Hermosa Vista. The next moment, in the blink of an eye, in a bright flash of light, they appeared in a completely different location. The sudden change startled them. Most startled of all was Eugene.

    “Where? What? How?” With every question, he shifted his head sporadically in a different direction, evidently dazed and confused. He soon took a deep breath to calm down. “Okay, I have no idea what just happened, but I’m going to assume that the answer to any question I have is going to be ‘magic.’ Am I hot or cold?”

    “You’re certainly hot on that one.” Merlin motioned to the room wherein they now resided. “I welcome you all to the Hall of the Spellcasters Guild.”

    They stood in a vast circular room with a polished marble floor patterned like a black-and-white chessboard. Around the circumference of the room rose stone pillars, and in-between them stood shelves upon shelves of books and countless other artifacts.

    Phillip raised an eyebrow. “The Spellcasters Guild?”

    “Yes, yes,” The elderly wizard nodded as he led the six royals further in. “It’s exactly as the name suggests. We are a guild of spellcasters from all over the world. We congregate in this great hall so that we may utilize our combined magical powers to fulfill the greater good. Both you and Aurora already know three of our members.”

    No sooner had he said that, three bright lights of red, blue, and green flashed before them, revealing three fairies quite familiar to both Phillip and Aurora.

    “Flora! Fauna! Merriweather!” Aurora rushed to greet her fairy friends. “So good to see you all again. I assume you three are friends of Merlin, then?”

    Flora curtsied. “Yes, my dear: we are, indeed, esteemed members of the Spellcasters Guild.”

    “And that makes us honored compatriots of other magic-wielders like Merlin the Great,” Fauna replied.

    “But there’s one spellcaster whose magic surpasses all of ours,” Merriweather replied. “And he is the one who called you all here.”

    Marianna raised an eyebrow. “Really? And who might that be?”

    “That would be none other than me.”

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